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NIFTY 8,934.55 7.55 EUR 70.70 0.12
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HSBC Advantage India Fund

Objective :

HSBC Advantage India Fund (HAIF) seeks to generate long term capital growth from an actively managed portfolio of equity and equity related securities by investing primarily in sectors, areas and themes that play an important role in, and/or benefit from India’s progress, reform process and economic development.

Structure :

Open-ended Equity Scheme

Inception Date :

January 27, 2006

Plans and Options under the Plan :

Growth & Dividend Option

Face Value (Rs/Unit):

Rs. 10

Minimum Investment :


Entry Load :

For investments below Rs. 5 crores, Entry load is 2.25%. For Investments of Rs. 5 crores and above, Entry Load is Nil.

Exit Load :

If redeemed before 6 Months; and Amount less than 5 crores, Exit load is 0.5%. For Amount greater than 5 crore, Exit load is Nil.

Daily NAV & Price:

Scheme NAV Repurchase Price Sale Price Date
HSBC Infrastructure Equity Fund- Dividend 20.6828 14-Dec-2017
HSBC Infrastructure Equity Fund - Growth 24.3157 14-Dec-2017

  • s mythily:
    I have invested Rs.10000 in HSBC Advantage Growth in the year January 2006. Please give me the current status of the fund.
    03-Jul-2013 08:20 PM
  • rajendra prasad:
    pl. give me fund value of my investment
    20-Mar-2013 07:37 AM
  • Rakesh Kumar Pathania:
    How to find the current status of foil No.
    04-Feb-2013 06:32 PM
    • mohit joshi: How to change the name in case of death of MF holder
      19-Jun-2016 07:08 PM
  • sankar prasad sinha:
    return is very very poor
    01-Nov-2012 01:49 PM
  • dhananjay shendkar:
    Performance is not good
    10-Mar-2012 05:29 PM