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Sundaram Select Midcap

Objective :

Sundaram Select Midcap seeks to primarily achieve capital appreciation by investing in diversified stocks that are generally termed as midcaps.

Structure :

Open Ended Equity Scheme

Inception Date :

July 19, 2002

Plans and Options under the Plan :

Dividend, Growth

Face Value (Rs/Unit):

Rs. 10

Minimum Investment :

Rs. 5000

Entry Load :


Exit Load :

1% if redeemed within 12 months from the date of allotment.

Daily NAV & Price:

Scheme NAV Repurchase Price Sale Price Date
Sundaram Select Midcap-Dividend 43.4848 14-Dec-2017
Sundaram Select Midcap-Growth 519.1719 14-Dec-2017

  • yogesh kumar agarwal:
    I am having some units under sundaram select midcap appreciation scheme Now I want to reedeem these units Let me know the procedure of it.
    18-Mar-2016 05:25 PM
  • Rangarajan:
    Respected Sir/madam
    I have been a long term investor in your mutual fund.Currently holding select mid cap fund(D)The fund performance have been stable ,but no dividend has been declared off late.Being such a trustworthy company,we the investors will be happy only if some incentives are given.Hope you will take this in to consideration.Thank You
    12-May-2013 12:57 PM
  • Rajesh:
    I am purchased at 149.56 in 2008, may i hold for future.
    13-Jan-2013 12:46 PM
  • Dineshan K K:
    Sundaram select MIDCAP Appreciation N A V
    04-Jan-2013 01:12 PM
  • dhirde mangeh ashok:
    this fund is very good i have purchase sip till three years ago
    16-Dec-2012 12:51 PM
  • N. Somasenan Pillai:
    I like to invest in sundaram mutual fund.
    tell me your leading mutual funds which is benefited to me?
    30-Nov-2012 02:42 PM
  • p.v. hariharan:
    initially, the fund was doing all right in a buoyant market environment. when the slow down started the managers were unable to plan strategies and implement. The churning of fund managers was alarming and not a healthy trend.
    28-Nov-2012 07:19 PM
  • Manoj Kumar Sharma:
    kindly send the Account statement
    04-Nov-2012 06:49 PM
  • alok chandra dixit:
    i have this Sundaram Select Midcap fund and its good.
    25-Sep-2012 01:28 PM
  • ssbajpai:
    Investors wants their promissing returns !
    28-Jul-2012 02:49 PM
  • ssbajpai:
    Nothing is put in Investors Basket. What for they invest & what you have paid.It has pulled down the name of fund. Not even bothered to
    to declare dividend. It seems ,people are not understanding the aims and objective of the investment.
    02-Jun-2012 12:07 PM
  • syed rasheed ahmed:
    Badly managed fund. No dividends since few years
    Very dissappointing from Sundram Paribas
    23-May-2012 03:01 PM
  • umesh jha:
    Good fund
    28-Apr-2012 01:32 PM
    Sluggish & fund managers don't care about poor investors.
    13-Apr-2012 04:08 PM