markets as on: 23-01-2017 16:00 hours

SENSEX 27,117.34 82.84 USD 68.20 0.02
NIFTY 8,391.50 42.15 EUR 73.04 0.42
BSE-100 8,662.84 49.87 GBP 84.84 1.02

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IDFC Cash Fund

Objective :

IDFC Cash Fund seeks to generate optimal returns with high liquidity in high quality money market instruments.

Structure :

Open Ended Short Term Debt Fund

Inception Date :

February 25, 2003

Plans and Options under the Plan :

Plan A (Regular Plan), Plan B (Institutional Plan), Plan C (Super Institutional Plan).

Face Value (Rs/Unit):

Rs. 10

Minimum Investment :

Plan A: Rs 25,000, Plan B: Rs 1 crores, Plan C: Rs 10 crores.

Entry Load :


Exit Load :


Daily NAV & Price:

Scheme NAV Repurchase Price Sale Price Date
IDFC Cash Fund -Regular Plan-Daily Dividend 1001.0846 23-Jan-2017
IDFC Cash Fund -Regular Plan-Growth 1947.5499 23-Jan-2017
IDFC Cash Fund -Regular Plan-Monthly Dividend 1005.1647 23-Jan-2017
IDFC Cash Fund -Regular Plan-Weekly Dividend 1001.6240 23-Jan-2017