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Kotak Liquid

Objective :

Kotak Liquid seeks to provide reasonable returns and high level of liquidity by investing in debt and money market instruments, of different maturities so as to spread the risk across different kinds of issuers in the debt markets.

Structure :

Open Ended Debt Scheme

Inception Date :

October 05, 2000

Plans and Options under the Plan :

Regular, Sweep, Institutional Premium, Institiutional

Face Value (Rs/Unit):

Rs. 10

Minimum Investment :

Regular Plan: Rs.5000; Sweep Plan: Rs 5000; Institutional Plan: 1 crore; Institiutional Premium Plan: 5 crore.

Entry Load :


Exit Load :


Daily NAV & Price:

Scheme NAV Repurchase Price Sale Price Date
Kotak Liquid-Institutional Plan (Growth) 3046.6062 21-Oct-2016
Kotak Liquid-Institutional Plan (Weekly Dividend) 1011.079 23-Sep-2013
Kotak Liquid-Institutional Plan - (Daily Dividend) 1222.81 13-Oct-2013
Kotak Liquid Regular Plan Daily Dividend 1222.81 14-Dec-2017
Kotak Liquid Regular Plan Weekly Dividend 1000.5384 14-Dec-2017
Kotak Liquid Regular Plan Growth 3442.34 14-Dec-2017
Kotak Liquid-Regular (Dividend) 1002.9403 21-Oct-2016
Kotak Liquid-Regular (Growth) 2893.5255 21-Oct-2016
Kotak Liquid-Sweep (Daily Dividend) 10.0071 16-May-2007